Hope Valley Family Institute (HVFI) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that began community development work in 1999 as a Self- Help Group and formally registered as Ngo in 2001 .Hope valley in Kenya has its headquarters in Nyahururu town and the border between Nyandarua and Laikipia counties. HVFI is registered as Hope Valley Family Institute International in Massachusetts of United States as a charity organization 501 c (3). HVFI works for good health and well being of communities.We empower and support women,girls youth and children who are marginalized and vulnerable through interventions in;health,Education and training ,Economic empowerment and livelihood improvement through a cost effective Interventions whose efficacy is backed by a substantial rigorous impact to the target communities.

What we do


our strategic objective is Reduced vulnerability of communities in ASAL regions to negative impacts of climate change We provide interventions to enhance resilience to climate change and adaptation to improve food security. Improve Household access to adequate nutritious food through sustainable farming methods We address cause and mitigation mechanisms for reducing the adverse effects of global climate change through;


In Kenya many segments of the population have minimal access to high-quality healthcare and social services. We provide a range of social-economic interventions that lead to improved health care of the target beneficiaries. We support the health with high-impact, evidence-based interventions on:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment
  • Malaria, Tuberculosis (TB) control and treatment
  • Maternal, newborn, and child health care
  • Nutrition ,
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene(WASH) ,
  • Sexual and reproductive health, menstrual health management ,


Education inspires, enables and impacts entire communities. Education breaks the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and it enables children look forward to a bright future with good careers. Despite high enrolment rates in primary and secondary education in kenya, millions of children and adolescents are still not in school due to high levels of poverty and culture related issues. progams focus at enrolling, retention and transitioning learners from one level to another. We support learners through payment of school fees, buying uniforms, scholastic materials and school development interventions. Low skills perpetuate poverty and inequality. Skills development can reduce unemployment, raise incomes, and improve standards of living. Helping young people develop skills makes economic sense.


Our Strategic focus is to Improve the well-being of orphans, vulnerable and children through improved access to health care, food and nutrition, shelter, WASH, Education and training, Household Economic empowerment Advocacy & Rights: Every child should feel safe and protected, free to grow up to be-come all that he or she can be. We strengthen families’ and communities’ capacity to create an environment where children are protected and their best interests are embedded as a regular part of com-munity life. We work with local community organizations to promote good governance and processes that are transparent and accountable across various development sectors.